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My Story | Joanna Duggan
– Born in Christchurch, moved to Wanganui at 3, leaving extended family behind in Christchurch, no relatives in Wanganui
– Wanganui was a small town, community centred around school/church
– Learnt Maori, immersed in Maori culture, visited/stayed on maraes
– Won 16th International Children’s Art Exhibition 1986 Copper Award for my maori drawing inspired by the story “Battle of the Mountains” by Peter Gossage
– Moved back to Christchurch at 13, big city, loss of community, loss of being known, no memories of having a history with this place, no comfort zone
– Mum understood the importance of family, family history researcher, trips to library in town, created family history book together
– Never felt connect at high school, left to go to Polytech after Sixth Form
– Love for learning, studied Business Computing, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Floristry, library in town became my second home/my community of learning
– Mum got a job as a library assistant at the new Upper Riccarton library, I can remember being amazed at the layout/space, spent a lot of time there, community atmosphere, became a place of healing for me after I developed RSI/Chronic Pain with my first graphic design full time job
– Became a Christian, went to Happy Church, based in the Fendalton Community Centre
– Worked at Coastline Arts & Crafts in New Brighton, found community atmosphere again
– Worked at CraftWorld in Blenheim Road, interesting place, tourists would come looking for Maori crafts/carvings, not many available, yet we were known for being Maori overseas

My Story | Joanna Gould
– Married Don Gould, move out of Upper Riccarton and into Riccarton, behind Riccarton Mall, no community
– My husband Don was brought up to be very community minded, saw problems with graffiti and redevelopment of Riccarton Mall, joined Residents Association
– Became pregnant, came to Antenatal classes at Shirley Community Centre, loved the trees/community
– Had baby, Ben, moved to Acheson Avenue, Mairehau, welcomed by Maori next door neighbor, beautiful Maori carving on his wall, became part of community, loved MacFarlane Park
– Got involved with City Council & Community Board over issues in the area
– Earthquakes hit, liquefaction, cracks in the walls that you could see daylight through, didn’t feel safe inside, isolated, safe place became the Shirley Library
– Richmond & Hammersley Park School closed, more children at Shirley Primary
– HNZ moved people out of the damaged houses around our area, fixed houses, more immigrants/refugees moved in, clashes with different cultures
– New open learning space created at Shirley Primary, Maori names for the different spaces, nothing of heritage in the design, impressed with the layout and sharing of space
– Moved to the other side of Shirley Road, no community, mostly workers, hardly anyone about during the day time, isolated working from home
– Contacted Council & Community Board about the pedestrian crossing on Shirley Road, between Shirley Primary School and 10 Shirley Road, red light runners causing serious concerns with staff/parents/children using the crossing

Connecting The Dots
– Joined “Richmond Avonside Dallington Shirley Locals” Facebook page
– New Proposed School Zone for Avonside Girls and Shirley Boys, is not going to include the existing school zone, which means we will be “out of zone”
– Posted on “Richmond Avonside Dallington Shirley Locals” Facebook page, regarding 10 Shirley Road, and the new Shirley Community Centre
– Sent in my submission for the Long Term Plan, to include the rebuild of the new Shirley Community Centre
– Went to the Open Day for the University of Canterbury Science & Engineering, lots of great architecture, but no Maori motifs/carvings
– Went to Spektrum Arkitektur Workshop at Ara Institute, “Community Participation in City Making”, listened to Joan & Sofie share about how they research and design projects for the community, very inspiring, amazing amount of thought and details go into their designs
– Went to “Coffee & Jam” session at Ministry of Awesome, EPIC, “Lend A Hand” Future Leaders Programme through Lincoln University
– Inspire by Joe Bennett’s “Truth revealed in Cathedral Square’s pile of stones” article, ‘And though it may further seem to me that having been given a chance to create something startling, fresh and distinctive, Christchurch is now in the process of failing to take that chance, well, I am still in no position to criticise.’
– Link: https://www.stuff.co.nz/opinion/103147603/joe-bennett-truth-revealed-in-cathedral-squares-pile-of-stones
– Went to Awareness Submission Writing Workshop at MHERC, 50% Maori with mental health/addiction issues, need to focus on wellness, need to make info/support easier to access
– Went to St Martin’s Community Centre, new/recycled brick, large glass front, gable roof, cathedral ceilings, lovely space, community hall with divider to create two separate spaces and community library
– Went to Cardboard Cathedral, amazing building, lots of Maori crafts/designs, learnt about the “stained glass” window and the process for making it
– Went to St Albans Pavilion and Pool Annual General Meeting, plans for the new pool, great asset for the community
– Went to meeting regarding Northern Arterial Extension and Cranford St Upgrade, strong community, concern over extra traffic exiting motorway onto Cranford St
– Went to “Coffee & Jam” session at Ministry of Awesome, EPIC, Rob Lawrence from Callaghan Innovations, “What to do with an idea?”
– At 6:30pm the other night, a teenage boy is sitting outside the Shirley Library with his laptop, as he doesn’t have internet at home. Don’s post on Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/don.gould.393/posts/1693148704101734
– Went to “Fields of Remembrance” ANZAC Crosses in Cranmer Square. Each cross has the name of a New Zealander from the Canterbury region who lost their life in the war.

Contact Joanna
My email address is: joanna@10shirleyroad.org.nz

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