Benjamin Oakes Moore

12 Julius Terrace, Richmond, Christchurch 8013:

“JuliusTerrace, Richmond: Benjamin Oakes Moore (1888-1953), a builder, is one of the first two residents listed.”, Page 53

“The residence at 12 Julius Tce, Richmond, formerly Harper Tce, until 1918, was built in 1913 by Benjamin Oakes Moore, 1888-1953.
Moore, a builder, had married the previous year and the house was to remain the Moore family home until the early 1960s.
This project carried out by Steve Brown Builders Ltd is unique in that it is the only post-earthquake character house in Christchurch to be totally replicated., Page 5

“I’m rebuilding it so that the city still has a beautiful old house to enjoy…I wanted to add something back into the the city…it’s a very beautiful building and it’s historic and there’s hardly any [heritage] left.” Martin Holland
The house was built by Benjamin Moore, a contractor who helped build the former ‘Press’ building in Cathedral Square.
The name is almost lost to history, but Holland says Moore “built this house for himself, he lived here…Many of the architectural features and building features were there to demonstrate what a skilled builder he was. It was his home and possibly his advertising project as well.”

“The Christchurch City Council salvaged the items from about 30 heritage buildings and stored them for more than a decade in the hope it could find them a new home. The council is now offering the items back to their original owners.
The items include a stone crest from the former Press headquarters in Cathedral Square…turrets from the city’s original Public Library on Cambridge Tce.
Council heritage team leader Brendan Smyth said the items were saved from destruction in the hope they could find new life.
“The idea was the material would be reused at some point in some way and ideally in the same locations or into new buildings or used in the repair of surviving buildings.”
Smyth said the heritage items showed the level of craftsmanship used in Christchurch’s lost buildings.
“There’s also a lot of beautifully carved stonework from lost buildings which show the quality, passion and craftsmanship of our heritage.
“Our ancestors took pride in the architecture and details of our streetscapes.”

“Attention to detail in every part of this home was to a level we’ve rarely seen before. The builders have gone to great lengths to source materials and products identical to what was used when it was originally built and have left no stone unturned to ensure every part of this home is as exactly as it was before its demise. It now stands proud as part of Christchurch’s wonderful history.
Traditional craftsmen, including stonemasons, specialist tilers, fibrous plasterers and builders, using building methods of a bygone era, have crafted a building that you would think was the original.”

“Located in the suburb of Richmond on the banks of Dudley Stream, this four bedroom home is nothing short of unique. The Canterbury earthquakes of 2011 damaged the original house, built by Benjamin Oakes Moore for his family in 1913, beyond economic repair. The significant loss of heritage buildings in Christchurch and an understanding of the rich history intertwined in the Julius Terrace property encouraged the owner to resurrect it back to its former glory – as a perfect replica.
Although the house suffered significant damage in the earthquake the structure itself was still standing and relatively safe. This enabled our team to gain access, collect measurements, record details and take photographs. Items such as the stained glass windows and the internal skylight were salvaged for reuse. Other items such as stone mullions and plaster cornices were salvaged to provide templates for replication. From the original measurements we were able to work our way backwards and come up with detailed construction drawings using a combination of traditional and modern construction methods to produce a ground-up replica that is virtually impossible to distinguish from the original.”