Shirley Centre Map

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Shirley Centre | Shirley Community Reserve, 10 Shirley Road, Richmond
Proposed site of new Shirley Centre.
Community Hub: Library, Service Centre, Learning Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Playground & Recreational Space.
Connecting Communities around Shirley Road, Christchurch
Suburbs: Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau.

Shirley Centre | Libraries
There are 17 Christchurch City Council Libraries located in the Christchurch area.

The current Shirley Library is located in the carpark of The Palms (Burwood Ward).
Shirley Library is considered a ‘suburban’ library.
From Papanui Road (Papanui Library/Papanui Ward) to Marshland Road (Shirley Library/Burwood Ward), children/residents/visitors are without access to a local suburban sized library. (Ward Boundary Map, Quick Stats & Facilities)

The current Shirley Library* has a limited book selection, no boardroom, meeting rooms or learning centre (flexible spaces) & didn’t rate well in the Youth Audit.

* There are no toilets available in the Library area.
Toilets for the building are located in the corridor off the Main Entrance to the building.
Why is this an issue?:
– you have to leave unissued books in the library, due to security gates as you leave the Library area or take issued books into the Toilets.
– you can’t see the Toilets from the Library area:
a. Young children left unsupervised, could leave via the Main Entrance doors by the carpark.
b. If you have more than one child you can’t see them in the library, while attending to another child wanting to go to the toilet.
c. These toilets don’t align with the new ‘CCC Equity and Inclusion Policy’

Shirley Centre | Education Providers
There are 14 schools, kindergartens & playcentres located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
This map does not include all early childhood education centres.

Shirley Centre | Support Providers
There are 11 support providers located within a 3km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.

These Support Providers available in our area, help locals & those travelling to these area from around Christchurch:
– Child Development: Shirley Toy Library & North Parade Plunket (Shirley)
Specialist Teaching: Seabrook McKenzie Centre, Ferndale Te Ahu School & The Champion Centre
– Neurodiverse: Autism NZ (Canterbury & West Coast)
– Adult Education: Hagley Adult Literacy Centre (Literacy & Numeracy, First Steps, Computer Skills, ESOL)
– Intellectual Disabilities: Helen Anderson Trust & Delta Community Support Trust (Friendship Link)
– Pain Management: Burwood Hospital Pain Management Centre
– Brain Injury: Laura Fergusson Trust
– Older Persons: Delta Community Support Trust (Evergreen Club)

Shirley Centre | Community Centres
There are 8 community centres located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
– 1. MacFarlane Park Centre (MPC)
Shirley Community Trust/St Stephen’s Anglican Church
19A Acheson Ave, Shirley (down service lane)
– 2. MacFarlane Park Neighbourhood Centre (MPNC)
Shirley Community Trust/St Stephen’s Anglican Church
19 Acheson Ave, Shirley
– 3. Rhombus
21 Acheson Avenue, Shirley
– 4. Avebury House
Avebury House Trust
9 Eveleyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond
– 5. North Avon Community Centre
Delta Community Support Trust/North Avon Baptist Church/Crossway Community Church
101 North Avon Road, Richmond
– 6. St Albans Community Centre
St Albans Residents Association (SARA)
1049 Colombo Street, St Albans
– 7. The Whānau Centre
Neighbourhood Trust/St Albans Baptist Church
49 Nancy Avenue, Mairehau
– 8. Richmond Cottage
Christchurch City Council
Corner of (78) London and Pavitt Streets, Richmond
“Richmond Caretakers Cottage. In 1873 the Bingsland School was built on land that is now known as the ‘Village Green’. Behind the school headmasters house – built in 1876, was the caretakers cottage, located on the corner of London and Cumberland (now Pavitt) Street. The headmasters house was demolished in 1912, but the caretakers’ house still remains today. After the school was moved to a different site, the old grounds became public recreation ground with the swimming baths still on this site on the southwest corner. In 1978 renovations to save the historic cottage began and in 1982 it was officially opened as the Richmond Neighbourhood Cottage.”

Shirley Centre | Community Gardens
There are 7 community gardens located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.

Shirley Centre | Recreational Facilities
There are 32 recreational facilities located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.

* 32. Shirley Pump Track (currently located on the grass area/site of the former community centre building at 10 Shirley Road) could be relocated to 5. Avon Hub (co-locating outdoor sports activities with 26. North Parade Fitness Equipment)

Shirley Centre | Playgrounds
There are 17 playgrounds located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
This map does not include school, kindergarten or playcentre playgrounds.

* 1. Shirley Community Reserve Playground needs a renewal, see
– Swing, See-Saw & Senior Play Modular Unit: Commissioned 1998-12-31
– Platform, Ladders, Climbing Net, Slide, Tunnel & Firemans Pole: Commissioned 2010-12-29

This playground needs to be redeveloped so that it is inclusive & accessible.
see &

“7.3 Community Needs Analysis for Richmond
– Need for improved playground facilities across Richmond targeting pre-schoolers and small children.”
(Shirley Community Facility Feasibility Study, Page 22)
[see 14. Shirley Playcentre in ‘Education Providers’, located in the Shirley Community Reserve, next to the current playground.]

Shirley Centre | Parks
There are 18 parks located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve, including the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

Shirley Centre | Transport
Modes of transport to 10 Shirley Road & new resources available at Shirley Community Reserve:
1. Shirley Community Reserve Location
2. Driving: Off Street & Street Parking
3. Public Transport: Buses
4. Bikes & Scooters
5. Walking
– 1.1 Water Fountain, 1.2 Information Board & Interpretation Board(s)
– 5.1 Dudley Creek Walking Track & 5.1.2. MacFarlane Park Birdsong Trail
From the North in Shirley, through Shirley Primary School grounds, crossing over Shirley Road to the Shirley Community Reserve, South through Richmond, to connect up with the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.
– 5.1.3 StoryWalk®, 5.1.4 Dewey Decimal Trail & 5.1.5 Footpath Obstacle Course