Shirley Centre Funding

Q. How do we fund a new building & redevelopment of the Shirley Community Reserve?
A. Through donations, sponsorships & grants, by involving:
– the local communities around Shirley Road, Christchurch
Suburbs: Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau
– the owners of The Palms Mall
– the wider community: Christchurch residents
– Christchurch City Council & Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board
– NZ Government: relevant Ministries & Departments
– Local/National Funding Organisations
– International Community: expats now living overseas & visitors
– The Christchurch Foundation
– Past Connections: People/Businesses/Organisations who have a past connection to this site/former building
& by providing other Fundraising Opportunities

The Palms Mall
The current Shirley Library & Service Centre building is located in The Palms car park, at 36 Marshland Road:
Sell the land/buildings that are owned by the Christchurch City Council to The Palms, to help with their redevelopment project.
“A block of 27 council flats, the Shirley library and service centre, and a Resene paint store separate The Palms from some of AMP Capital’s residential properties.”
(The Palms has been sold again since this article & now has new owners.
The Council owned properties are now designated “Commercial Core Zone” in the current Christchurch District Plan)
A new building/development at 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve will draw residents from around the city (like the previous centre did) to the Shirley Road area.
During peak times on Hills Road & Marshland Road, it will be convenient for residents to also stop off at The Palms while in the area, pick up groceries on the way home & avoid traffic.
Shirley Road / Marshland Road / New Brighton Road / North Parade intersection
Shirley Road / Hills Road / Warrington Street intersection

Christchurch City Council
– “Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Without it, many communities would simply not be able to fund key infrastructure – like libraries.
It’s important to note that councils only borrow money for new assets that have long term benefits for the community, not for day-to-day operational costs.
What does this have to do with rates? Well, there’s a principle called inter-generational equity – which basically means that every generation that benefits from an investment, should contribute to the cost of it.
So while it’s easy to look debt and think your rates are just paying off old and potentially unnecessary spending, you’re actually helping pay off key investments that are crucial to your community, ones you might benefit from without even knowing it. And, crucially, the future generations that benefit from these assets pay their fair share too.”
Local Government NZ Facebook Post, 24th April 2024

– Insurance Payout for the original Shirley Community Centre building
“Community Facilities: Recommended Required Work: Replace. Section 38 (claim insured value)”
– “Better Off” support funding
“Better Off support funding will be used to contribute to our community’s wellbeing by prioritising things that communities have told us are important.”
– Capital Endowment Fund
– Place Partnership Fund
“The Place Partnership Fund supports those seeking to strengthen connections between communities and their places and spaces to foster inclusion, local identity, shared experience and stewardship.”
See the following blog posts:
– Strengthening Communities Fund

Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board
– “Better Off” support funding
“Better Off support funding will be used to contribute to our community’s wellbeing by prioritising things that communities have told us are important.”
– Strengthening Communities Fund

“Funding of $2.57 million has been made available in the Christchurch City Council Long Term Plan in the 2016/17 financial year for the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre.”
8. Shirley/Papanui Community Board Area Update
2.2 Shirley Community Centre Rebuild

Item 12 Proposed Shirley Community Centre Rebuild (2016)
“Request that the Community Board talk with staff around potential options for a regeneration plan in this area under the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016.”

“In 2021, the Council approved $3 million funding for the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre in FY 2029/30 – FY2031/32 and requested an updated ‘feasibility study’ to look at other options, including incorporating the current Shirley library.”

NZ Government
– Ministry of Education |
Shirley Primary School is directly across from 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
Pareawa Banks Avenue School is 1km away from 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve:
Shirley Intermediate School is 700m away from 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve:
Mairehau High School is 1.8km away from 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve:
Shirley Centre | Education Providers
“There are 14 schools, kindergartens & playcentres located within a 2km radius of the 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
This map does not include all early childhood education centres.”
– Ministry of Disabled People |
Shirley Centre | Support Providers
“Specialist Teaching: Seabrook McKenzie Centre, Ferndale Te Ahu School & The Champion Centre
Neurodiverse: Autism NZ (Canterbury & West Coast)
Adult Education: Hagley Adult Literacy Centre (Literacy & Numeracy, First Steps, Computer Skills, ESOL)
Intellectual Disabilities: Helen Anderson Trust & Delta Community Support Trust (Friendship Link)
Pain Management: Burwood Hospital Pain Management Centre
Brain Injury: Laura Fergusson Trust”
– Ministry of Social Development |
The Work and Income (WINZ) Shirley Centre is located at 203 Hills Road, Shirley.
280m walk from 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve.
– Department of Internal Affairs |
The Department of Internal Affairs has a partnership with those working in Shirley & is also involved in funding projects in Richmond.

Local/National Funding Organisations
– Ngāi Tahu
Haea Te Awa – Regional Investment Fund

– Rātā Foundation
– The Tindall Foundation

International Community: expats now living overseas & visitors
If you look at the “Location” details of the “Where is our Community Centre?” online petition.
You will see Christchurch locals have signed this petition, as well as people from around NZ (Lower Hutt, Auckland, Ashburton, Hastings, Tauranga, Nelson, Blenheim, Porirua, Matamata, Alexandra, Waipapa, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Palmerston North, Papamoa, Kaitaia, Invercargill, Rangiora, Morrinsville, Dunedin) & overseas (Australia, USA, UK, Ireland)

The Christchurch Foundation
“For those who have dreams for our city, The Christchurch Foundation makes it easier for you to make a difference.”
Create a ‘Shirley Centre’ project, to invest in this legacy project/development:
& for those expats living overseas to become supporters.

Past Connections
– There are many local stories & connections, many family members of those who have already passed, that remember these stories & connections today & would like a way to be able to honor these for future generations.
– George Penlington (CEB Architect for Shirley Primary & Richmond Schools)
Ministry of Education

– Benjamin Oakes Moore (Contractor who helped build the former ‘Press’ building in Cathedral Square)
Built his home at 12 Julius Terrace, Richmond (rebuilt home current value is $2.22M)

– NZ Society of Genealogists – Canterbury Branch
“10 Shirley Road was the home for NZ Society of Genealogists – Canterbury Branch, for 21 years from February 1990 until the February 2011 earthquakes. We were hoping that a new Community Centre would be built on the same site to serve the local community in many ways, and possibly return ‘home’.”

– “The Christchurch Districts of Windsor and Shirley: A short history and reminiscences 1860-1960″ By Roger Allen

Fundraising Opportunities
– “Buy A Brick” for individuals/families to have their name on a brick, edging the pathways around the new Shirley Centre building.
“A group of residents who had formed the Pier and Foreshore Society to try to save the pier continued to campaign for a new pier (New Brighton Pier). Thirty years of lobbying and fundraising in the community saw almost $2 million raised from the community which was matched by a further $2 million from the Christchurch City Council and a new pier design was approved with a new library, a café and a restaurant at the landward end.”
– “Sponsor A Seat” for businesses to have their name on a seat, added to the different outdoor spaces around the new Shirley Centre building.