Christchurch Suburb Overlooked

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“Christchurch suburb overlooked since the earthquakes, community leaders say”
By Tina Law | Apr 30 2018

An east Christchurch suburb overlooked since the earthquakes is close to breaking point, community leaders say.
Papanui Innes Community Board chairwoman Ali Jones told a council submissions hearing on Monday Shirley was in dire need of new community facilities, but had been largely left out of the Christchurch City Council’s draft 10-year budget.
“Our ward has been forgotten in many ways, particularly the Shirley area – an area that is in the east but not in the east we hear so much about. No big pool complex or hot pools here,” Jones said referring to facilities being built in neighbouring wards.
The council is spending money in the ward but almost entirely on infrastructure projects, including cycleways and land drainage work.
The Shirley Community Centre, once a busy focal point providing a home to many different groups, was demolished following the 2010/11 earthquakes and has yet to be rebuilt. No money has been allocated in the LTP to build a replacement facility.
Jones asked for $153,000 to be put back into the budget to begin consultation and design work on a new facility.

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Below is my post from the “Richmond Avonside Dallington Shirley Locals” Facebook page| Joanna Gould | April 2018
“I regularly go to the Shirley Library and after my visit today I made some observations to my husband. He suggested I fill in the Facebook survey for the new Central Library, which I did.
But then I thought…I most probably won’t get to use that library much, I wish we could upgrade the Shirley Library…
Wouldn’t it be a great community facility to have a library and learning centre like Upper Riccarton and South Libraries?
But where would we get the money to create this building?
Sell the existing Shirley Library to The Palms Shopping Centre, as they are planning to expand north of the centre, and have already bought houses on the other side of the library.
“A block of 27 council flats, the Shirley library and service centre, and a Resene paint store separate The Palms from some of AMP Capital’s residential properties.”
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But where could we build a new community facility/library/learning centre?

My son goes to Shirley Primary School, directly opposite 10 Shirley Road. Each day as I pass 10 Shirley Road, it is a constant visual reminder to me and the locals/road users of Shirley Road, that our community has been left behind, we haven’t rebuilt from the earthquakes.
What message is this also sending to the children at this school whose classrooms outlook is a “dump”, and what about all the children from other schools who walk/bus/drive past this area?
That it’s ok to treat your community spaces like a dump? That this area doesn’t have any pride and isn’t worth much? That there isn’t any community spirit? That it’s not a place you want to live?
Now imagine:
– a whole neighbourhood block dedicated to this community (new purpose built library/learning centre, beside newly landscaped Dudley stream with existing Shirley Playcentre and upgraded playground)
– established large trees with seating underneath, grass area for weekend outdoor market, seating under verandah of the new centre building
– library: with service centre, free wifi/internet access, wifi enabled printer, public computers, tables so you can bring your own device (iPad/Laptop), comfortable chairs by magazines/fiction
– learning centre: open glass space with sliding doors to create smaller rooms when needed for community groups, after school activities, holiday programs, classes for: job seekers, family history, self publishing etc.
– website and community noticeboard on the outside of the centre, listing all local community facilities/places to hire/groups/activites/contact details
– disability/sensory friendly playground so all children are included and enjoy this playground
– existing bus stops on either side of Shirley Road, onsite parking behind the centre, off street parking upgraded on Slater Street and Chancellor Street
This is what I would like and how the community could afford to create this place.
It won’t be the same as the previous Shirley Community Centre, but I believe it could be a place to bring the whole community together again, for all ages and stages of life.”

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