Community Education

Civic Education:
How does the Council work? What are the different Units for?
How does the Community Board work?
What do the different roles in Council/Community Board do?
How do I engage with Council/Community Board?

Community Education: “Well-being WOF/Tool Kit”
– ‘Wellness Warrant Of Fitness’ Submission, June 2018,
– “The Reading in Mind book scheme provides selected books and other resources (e-books, DVDs and CDs) on a wide range of mental health and wellbeing topics. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health issue like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or worry, reading books on the issue can help you better manage your mental health and well being.”
– HealthInfo: ‘A-Z health topics’,
– HealthInfo: ‘Living well and staying healthy’,
– CHDB Mental Health,

Community Education: “While You Wait”
How can we help people to deal with being put on a ‘waiting list’? What small steps can they take each day to be proactive? What skills could they learn to distract themselves from focusing on their place/position on the ‘waiting list’? What opportunities are there in the community to help them through this stage?
1. Health: (Referrals/Assessments) books, support groups, website links, Facebook pages/groups, medication info
2. Housing: (Get Social Housing/Find Rental/Buy House) budgeting skills, rental/property market info, savings/mortgage info
3. Employment: careers advice (, CV preparation, networking, self-employment info, WINZ info

Community Education: “Climate Change 101”
Instead of protesting, start promoting! CCC needs to lead by example, showing residents that CCC decisions are focused first on buying/reusing/repurposing/recycling local.
“strikers presented the Mayor with three local demands…they wanted increased funding for climate education in schools…”
– Climate change is a big picture issue. How can we break it down into achievable practical day to day tasks/changes to the way we live in Christchurch?
– CCC ‘Learning Through Action’, can these programmes be made available for every resident?
– ‘Live Local, Go Local’: promoting buying/renting home near where you work/go to school/play
‘Where we live versus where we work’ Christchurch:
– Eco Homes: how to add more eco friendly features to your existing home? Promote achievable ways: insulation, heating, lights, sensors, sorting bins, eco central, recycle/donate items, toilet/shower water usage, ev charging station, solar power, rainwater collection, washing car, watering garden, purchasing decisions, clothing purchases/donate/recycle/fix
– Transport: educate/promote different types of transport, providing ev charging stations at civic facilities, bike stands, connecting bus routes to where people go: civic facilities, libraries, community centres, swimming pools.
– Promotional materials: images/info that residents/community groups can share on their social media posts to promote practical day to day tasks/changes to the way we live in Christchurch.