Hayley Follow Up Email

From: Hayley Guglietta hayley@akiva.co.nz
Sent: Thursday, April 4, 2019 1:28 PM
To: Jones, Ali ali.jones@ccc.govt.nz
Cc: David Duffy david.f.duffy@gmail.com;
Joanna Gould joanna@10shirleyroad.org.nz
Subject: Follow Up

Hey Ali

Thanks for the chat this morning, I would love an opportunity to come to a closed meeting and deliver all the competing issues that your team may not be across and we would also like to come and present as the RR&BA on what we have achieved so far, our brand strategy and the wider picture issues affecting our entire suburb.

Bullet points as promised

– Shirley Village Project are driving capability in the Shirley area and Richmond Residents Association are driving capability in Richmond what are the tensions and how does the Community boards plans fit with each organisations plans. Does each community board realise the conversations that these organisations are having with their communities and their respective community boards.

– Residents are awaiting the “Richmond Community Needs Analysis” report by Sarah Wylie & “Shirley Community Centre Feasibility Study” by Peter Burley.
Residents are already concerned about the conflict that may be in place given Peter Burley and team are also working with BAD (Burwood, Avondale and Dallington) to get their facility up and running.

– The current library is situated inside the Burwood/Pegasus ward outside of Innes and Central although it is seen as a Shirley Richmond Amenity.
A large sector of our community wants this relocated to 10 Shirley Road as a true public non partisan community facility we do not want nor need another community organisation or church based facility.
We need a place that ALL people feel free to come to and be part of and a library/service centre is the best example of this.

– Our community needs the type of facility that Halswell and Sumner do more than they do, but yet we are left with a building shoved in the back of a mall requiring a full time security guard, not delivering the services other libraries do because they do not have the space.

– We as a community are fully prepared to take what money there currently is and fund raise for more money to situ a modern, exciting, community focused facility at 10 Shirley Road to replace the number of amenities that we have been stripped of.

– A citizen lead hub facility incorporating the library and service centre would support/inform/direct people out into the activites in the community and current community lead facilities (Avebury, Richmond Community Garden, Delta, Shirley Trust, etc etc).
We need to get people out of their houses and engaging with others in the community.

– The pumptrack as an isolated activity would be supported, but if presented with the long term big picture in mind I doubt it would have the same support.

– No-one is telling our community what is plan for Banks Ave school and for the empty spaces once Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls departs.

Hope this covers everything.