Peter Burley Email

Email from Peter, 21 January 2019
“Shirley Community Centre – Feasibility Study
My name is Peter Burley and I’m a consultant with Global Leisure Group, based in Christchurch and I have completed a number of feasibilities on various community projects both here and in other places throughout NZ.
GLG is engaged by Council to complete a Feasibility on Shirley Community Centre, two other sites and a Network Plan for the Council owned Community Centres.
Stacey Holbrough, Community Advisor CCC has shared the link to this work with me.
Impressive work you have completed here (re website) and LTP submission 2018 on 10 Shirley Road, and the detail you have collected.
Have not yet been properly through it but will do and would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss, and will be meeting with Council Officers and others in the next while.”

Email to Peter, 22nd January 2019
“Great to hear you are doing a feasibility study on the Shirley Community Centre and the network plan for the CCC community centres.
I would be happy to talk to you about my research.
I started with, then &
At the end of last year I also visited the following libraries: Shirley, Parklands, Papanui, Aranui, Linwood, Redcliffs, Sumner, Fendalton, Bishopdale, Upper Riccarton, Halswell, Spreydon, South & Tūranga.
As our libraries/learning centres are becoming our new community centres, I wanted to understand how the building design, interior design and layout worked for the librarians and the people using the building, so I can use what I’ve learnt to help with the design of the new Shirley Community Centre.
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