Below are a list of articles & reports, I have been researching for my ‘Shirley Centre’ idea & the redevelopment of 10 Shirley Road (Richmond, Christchurch), Shirley Community Reserve:

In Alphabetical Order
‘1000 Letters’ (I AM HOPE)
An Ecosystem of Learning (I Love Libraries)
Autism/Takiwātanga: The Pathway to Diagnosis and Supports in NZ (Autism NZ)
Building Strong Neighborhoods (Seth D. Kaplan)
Canterbury Wellbeing Index (Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Waitaha Canterbury)
Children With Additional Needs (Massey University)
Christchurch Ecosystems & Plant Guides (Lucas Associates)
Commercial Centre Factsheet for Richmond (Christchurch City Council)
Commercial Centre Factsheet for Shirley/The Palms (Christchurch City Council)
Communities and Neighbourhoods Survey Results (Christchurch City Council)
Community Facilities Network Plan (Christchurch City Council)
Dudley Character Area Design Guide (Christchurch City Council)
Environmental Accessibility for Autistic Individuals (Megan Malcolm)
Good in the Hood: “I can actually learn” (Seabrook McKenzie Centre)
Learning From The Past In Developing Our Urban Landscapes (Lucas Associates)
Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan (Christchurch City Council)
Libraries As A Vehicle For Service Delivery (Local Government New Zealand)
Libraries Asset Management Plan (Christchurch City Council)
Matapopore Project Sheets (Matapopore Charitable Trust)
Matapopore Urban Design Guide (Matapopore Charitable Trust)
Neurodiversity Education Needed (Karen Waldie)
“Palaces For The People”: Mapping Public Libraries’ Capacity for Social Connection and Inclusion (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
Placemaking: What if We Built Our Cities Around Places (Project for Public Spaces)
Preventing Youth Offending in New Zealand (Professor Sir Peter Gluckman)
Public Libraries: The Heart Of Community Wellbeing (Local Government New Zealand)
Review into the Future for Local Government (LIANZA)
Review into the Future for Local Government (Local Government New Zealand)
Richmond Community Needs Analysis Report (Sarah Wylie)
Shirley Library History (Christchurch City Libraries)
Shirley MacFarlane Park Community Concept Plan (Lucas Associates)
Supporting Neurodiversity in Early Education Settings (Care for Kids)
Te Whare Tapa Whā and Wellbeing (Health Navigator New Zealand)
The 15-Minute City, Deconstructed (Steve Mouzon)
The Case for Healthy Places (Project for Public Spaces)
The Petition of Mike Styles (SPELD New Zealand Inc)
Universal Design and Accessible Design (Be. Lab)
What Makes a Successful Place? (Project for Public Spaces)
Youth Friendly Spaces Audit Report: 10 Shirley Road (Revision Initiative)
Youth Friendly Spaces Audit Report: Shirley Library (Revision Initiative)