Road Safety Around Schools Email

12 September 2021

Hi [Christine L., Lyssa A., Elizabeth H., Ali J., Emma N., Jo B., John S., Pauline C., & Mike D.]
My apologies I am unable to attend the Papanui-Innes Community Board Meeting, Friday 13 September 2019 (tomorrow).
I have a check up appointment at the Burwood Pain Clinic, otherwise I would be asking to present the following below (* lines) in Item 4. Public Forum.

Community Safety Around Local Streets In Our Community (St Albans School, Shirley Primary School, Shirley Intermediate School, New Banks Avenue School)

1. Item 9. Shirley Community Reserve – temporary pump track location
– See attached .pdf – (see 5. New Suggestion)
– Type of comments in opposition of the plan: Safety concerns over having to cross a busy road.
– Staff Responses: There is an existing signalised pedestrian crossing facility on Shirley Road adjacent to the site.
* “Motorists running red lights on a signalised pedestrian crossing Shirley Rd [between Shirley Community Reserve and Shirley Primary School] have posed a major threat to pupils.”
* The Board has been aware of safety issues with the lights/crossing on Shirley Road since 2017, when I emailed my concerns/suggestions (which included delaying the pedestrian crossing signal change phase).
* If the proposed location for the temporary pump track is approved by the Board, Shirley children will be forced to cross a busy main road, Shirley Road, with known safety issues.

2. Shirley Road Bus Stop Shirley Intermediate Plans
– See attached .pdf –
– Email sent to Innes Ward members yesterday:
“Yesterday I was reading the Pegasus Post and noticed the Shirley Intermediate School article on Page 4
I was concerned to read under Building Progression At SIS, The design of the new school includes: Creation of two-way vehicle access from Shirley Road.
This stretch of Shirley Road from The Palms lights/intersection to Warden Street is very busy, especially at school drop off/pick up times and when people are driving to/from home to work.
I travel through this area each day and have had so many near misses with other drivers and pedestrians, that I now wait an extra 20 minutes at my son’s school before heading back through this congested area.
I had previously read the Papanui-Innes Community Board agenda/minutes discussing a new Shirley Road Bus Stop, but couldn’t remember the actual plans, so I’ve just looked them up.
Attached is a .pdf: Shirley Road Bus Stop Shirley Intermediate Plans that includes: original plan (showing blue rectangle/Access for Shirley Intermediate), approved plan, street views of Shirley Road and the issues with this area.
I know the Papanui-Innes Community Board approved the plan on Friday 9 August 2019, Item 9. The Palms Suburban Interchange Upgrade – Stage 1 – Shirley Road bus stop and shelter upgrades
But does the Papanui-Innes Community Board know about the Ministry of Education’s proposed “two-way vehicle access” from Shirley Intermediate School to Shirley Road?”
– Pauline Cotter replied “Yes the board is aware of this and took it into account.”
* The CCC “Have Your Say” consultation was done in Aug-Sep 2017. The Ministry of Education’s rebuild plans for SIS have not been made public, they are not online anywhere.
* I doubt many people in the community are aware that a “two-way vehicle access” is going to be created in front of the new Shirley Road Bus Stops, in a section of Shirley Road that has known safety issues. (see .pdf)

3. Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream Effects Projects
– See attached .pdf –
* These community safety project suggestions address issues in and around the CNC: Forfar Street Zebra Crossing to St Albans Park, Signalised Pedestrian Crossing for St Albans School/English Park and Platform Pedestrian Zebra Crossing for St Albans School.
* The proposed CNC plan makes it quicker/easier for drivers using the motorway, but at the expense of local residents being given restricted access to their local streets, causing anxiety/stress and impacting their wellbeing/daily life.

* In summary, pre-teen/children’s brains aren’t fully developed, they are reliant on adults to make informed decisions that improve their safety, where they may lack observation/road safety skills.
* If parents are concerned about their child/children getting to/from school safely, they will be rethinking their freedom to walk/bike/scooter and instead use their car, adding to vehicle numbers.
* Today the Board are being asked to make informed decisions on 1. & 3. Please be mindful of the local communities. I ask that you don’t give more weight to the consultants/statistics, and consider the practical knowledge residents have of their roads/communities.

Thank you for listening/reading,
Joanna Gould