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Community Centre: Definition (Wikipedia)

“Community centres or community centers are public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.”
– Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_centre

Community Centre: Uses and Activities (Wikipedia)

“Community centres generally perform many (though rarely all) the following functions in its community:
– As the place for all-community celebrations at various occasions and traditions.
– As the place for public meetings of the citizens on various issues.
– As the place where politicians or other official leaders come to meet the citizens and ask for their opinions, support or votes.
– As a place where community members meet each other socially.
– As a place housing local clubs and volunteer activities.
– As a place that passes on and retells local history.
– As a place where local non-government activities are organised.
– As a place of relief in instances of community tragedies.”
– Link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_centre

Community Centre: Definition (Joanna Gould)

Since the earthquakes and the demolition of the original Shirley Community Centre, our community has become displaced.

Community groups have had to find new spaces, and the Shirley Library and Service Centre at The Palms, has become a new meeting place for many in our community.

The Shirley Library and Service Centre is well used by many different user groups, but the space and layout are limiting.
The young adults room and service centre area are not well used, and the Coastal-Burwood Governance Unit are using the rooms on the right of the building.
Finding a car park close to the library is impossible most days.
The Shirley Library is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.
If you work full time you are only able to use the library on the weekend from 10am to 4pm.
The Service Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

I think the new Shirley Community Centre needs to be a destination space. We already have the space available at 10 Shirley Road. With bus stops on either side of Shirley Road, off street parking on Slater and Chancellor Streets, and onsite parking, this location makes the centre accessible to more people throughout Christchurch.

How do we show the children in our community that we value them and want to invest in their future?

Shirley Community Centre: Engage & Educate
(New Shirley Library, Learning Centre, Service Centre, Playground and Shirley Playcentre)

Engage with all ages and stages of life.
Engage with all that are able, disabled or suffer from mental health issues.
Engage with every language that now calls this community their new home.

Educate through classes/groups.
Educate through displays/signage.
Educate through technology.

Uses and Activities (Joanna Gould)

– Neighourhood block catering for all ages and stages of life
– Community Hub, one stop place for community engagement, learning and entertainment
– Incorporating library, learning centre, community groups/facilities, service centre, playground and playcentre
– Onsite and off street parking, disabled parking and parents parking
– Bus stops on either side of Shirley Road, easily accessible by bus:
(The Orbiter: Eastgate, St Martins, Barrington, Riccarton, University, Northlands, The Palms
Orange Line: Halswell, Addington, Chch Hospital, Bus Interchange, The Palms, Burwood Hospital, Queenspark
100: Halswell, Wigram, Church Corner, University, Riccarton, Merivale, The Palms)
– Preschoolers: Babytimes/Storytimes in Learning Centre rooms, Chidren’s Library area, playground, playcentre
– Primary/Intermediate School children: Young Reader’s Library area, After School activities in Learning Centre rooms, School Holiday Program in Learning Centre rooms, QR Code Hunt (inside centre) and Treasure Hunt (outside within neighbourhood block) answer questions correctly and go in draw for gift voucher (encourages research skills, productive use of technology, engage with librarians for help)
– High School Students/Adults: Free Wifi/internet access, Wifi enabled printer, public computers, tables so you can bring your own device (iPad/Laptop), power points for charging phone/iPad/Laptop, comfortable chairs by magazines/fiction, outdoor seating
– Parents: Activities for children’s age, After School Activities, School Holiday Programs, Changing table in both female and male disabled toilets, Free Wifi/internet access, Wifi enabled printer, public computers, tables so you can bring your own device (iPad/Laptop), power points for charging phone/iPad/Laptop, comfortable chairs by magazines/fiction, outdoor seating
– English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Basic English/Life Skills for NZ class in Learning Centre rooms, opportunity to connect with others in the community who speak your language. At Shirley Primary there are over 20 different languages spoken by the children attending. These children are getting help through the school, but their parents/grandparents need help also.
– Job Seekers: cv writing skills, job application class in Learning Centre rooms, guest speakers from WINZ Shirley?, free Wifi/internet access, Wifi enabled printer, Public Computers with Microsoft Office
– Learning Centre: open glass space with sliding doors to create smaller rooms when needed for community groups, after school activities, holiday programs, classes.
Free Wifi/internet access, Wifi enabled printer, public computers, tables so you can bring your own device (iPad/Laptop), power points for charging phone/iPad/Laptop.
Signage and intro classes on what learning and online resources are available through the library/learning centre:
– Link: https://my.christchurchcitylibraries.com/learning-resources/
– Link: https://my.christchurchcitylibraries.com/resources/online-courses/
– Entertainment: Chess, Cards, Scrabble, CD/DVD library hire, comfortable chairs by magazines/fiction, playground, outdoor market
– Community Groups: Learning Centre rooms available to hire during day or evening, week days or weekends, free Wifi/inernet access, Wifi enabled printer, Tea/Coffee facilities available with room hire
– Community Board: place for Papanui/Innes Community Board meetings, provide information to people who want to come and speak with the Board, opportunities to communicate with community organisations/groups within the community, opportunities for locals to learn about Community Board/Council
– Justice of the Peace (JPs): provide space and waiting area for those wanting to see the JP: witness signatures and documents, certify document copies, hear oaths, declarations, affidavits or affirmations as well as sign citizenship, sponsorship or rates rebates applications.
– History: History of New Zealand, History of Shirley Christchurch, History of Christchurch Earthquakes
– Family History: Librarians could show those interested in finding out about their family history the resources that are available through the library/learning centre:
– Link: https://my.christchurchcitylibraries.com/resources/family-history/

Shirley Community Centre Website

The Shirley Community Centre needs a website.
We need to be able to tell everyone in our community and throughout Christchurch: who we are, where we are, what we do, our community directory, our community groups, our community classes, our community facilities, our community events etc.
We need this information on posters/signage around the Shirley Community Centre, but we also need it online, so this information is available 24/7 and accessible to all.

The big question I have found while doing research for my submission, is that nobody seems to know what community groups, activities, facilities we have in this area and what their contact details are.
If we don’t have an answer to this big question:
– how do we know what community groups, activities, facilities already exist?
– how do we know where the double ups are?
– how do we know what we have too much of?
– how do we know what we actually need?

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