George Penlington
Canterbury Education Board
Shirley Community Centre Building
Shirley Community Centre Governance

George Penlington

“Shirley Community Centre (former Shirley Primary School), 10 Shirley.  Road, Christchurch. Originally entered in the List as a Category 2 historic place (#7117).
Demolished 2012.
This building was constructed in 1915 as Shirley Primary School.
It was built to the design of Education Board architect George Penlington.
The building’s hipped roof and symmetry gave the building an overall Georgian air, whilst its U-shaped plan and large and regular fenestration hinted at the Jacobean influence which was to be developed in Penlington’s later work.”
– Link: http://www.heritage.org.nz/the-list/lost-heritage/canterbury-earthquakes/christchurch-city-q-to-z

Canterbury Education Board

An analysis of educational architectural design as practised by the Building Department of the Canterbury Education Board from 1916 – 1989, by Murray Noel Williams.
– Link: Thesis By Murray Noel Williams

Shirley Community Centre Building

NZ Historic Places Trust | Building Record Form for Shirley Community Centre, 10 Shirley Road, Christchurch
– Link: https://quakestudies.canterbury.ac.nz/store/object/13346

Shirley Community Centre Governance

Who should be running the Shirley Community Centre?
Should it be run by a community trust connected to a local church?
Shirley Community Trust/St Stephen’s Church?
Should it be run by a local church?
Crossway Community Church?

Or should it be run by the Christchurch City Council?
If this facility is to be used by everyone in the community, I believe the Christchurch City Council should govern this facility, so it can be used by all. Whether you are a believer or non believer, accessible whether you are disabled or not, showing no favoritism towards any one group, transparent in its decision making, and accountable to the rate payers and organisations making donations.

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