Your Ideas Wanted for 10 Shirley Road

“The Board requests the reinstatement of funding for a community centre at 10 Shirley Road. The funding was removed during the 2018-28 Long Term Plan process. The Board also requests that the activation budget for this site, currently in the draft Long Term Plan, be brought forward to the Financial Year 21/22.”
– Map of facilities in the wider area:

“To assist the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community in hearing ideas and aspirations from the community regarding the future use of 10 Shirley Road a questionnaire was delivered to approximately 800 properties within the vicinity of the site. The Community Board is committed to advocate for funding through the 2021-31 Long Term Plan process.
The opportunity to provide feedback was open between Friday 18 September and Monday 12 October 2020. At the close of engagement we received 58 submissions including from the following groups: Amazing Mairehau, Delta Community Support Trust, NZ Society of Genealogists, Richmond Residents and Business Association & Shirley Recreational Walkers”
“We received 29 submissions supporting the replacement of the Community Centre at this location. A number of these submissions also asked that a library be included in the building.”
– Analysis of feedback:

– Feedback received:

I’ve gone through the Feedback Received Table & recalculated based on comments:

Total Submissions: 58
– For Centre: 36 submissions, 62.07%
– Against Centre: 10 submissions, 17.24%
– No Comment re Centre: 12 submissions, 20.69%
[Other Connections]

For Centre: 36 submissions, 62.07%
35006 Maxine & Bruce Dyer
34961 Sue Lang, Shirley Recreational Walkers
34936 Joanne Byrne, Amazing Mairehau [Shirley Road Central]
34933 Paul Smith [Shirley Road Central]
34931 Jacqueline Tither [Shirley Road Central]
34926 Joanna Gould [Shirley Road Central]
34925 Fiona Lees, NZ Society of Genealogists – Canterbury Branch
34913 Jennifer Dalziel [Shirley Road Central]
34903 Jane Hopkins
34890 Jayne Swainson
34880 Sue Colyer
34877 Susannah Lockyer
34875 Joanne Byrne [Shirley Road Central]
34873 Anneke Moore
34871 Marrisa Hunton
34870 Mark Wilson [Shirley Road Central]
34859 Natasha Garratt
34858 Samuel Jack
34847 Clive Howard-Williams
34845 Nick Robinson
34843 Vicky Adams
34805 Annette McIntyre
34792 Phil Thompson
34781 Liz Kay
34774 Jo Kirwan
34769 Margaret Stewart [Shirley Road Central]
34755 Robyn Thomson
34731 Rachel Crawford [Richmond Residents and Business Association]
34688 Alana Jackson
34678 Robert Beduhn
34676 Andrew Driver
34587 Jacob Uden
34493 Carol McNeil
34492 Jackie Copson
34491 Donald King
34471 Karen Geno

Against Centre: 10 submissions, 17.24%
34914 Vicki Brown [Richmond Residents and Business Association]
34912 Vicki Brown, Richmond Residents and Business Association
34894 Chris Ruane
34834 Angela Hart [Richmond Residents and Business Association]
34828 Murray James [Richmond Residents and Business Association]
34812 Teena Crocker
34801 Michael Calder
34773 Andrew Robins
34496 Hayley Guglietta [Richmond Residents and Business Association]
34470 Rebecca Roper-Gee [Shirley Village]

No Comment re Centre: 12 submissions, 20.69%
35099 Aimee Whall
34939 Frida Inta
34915 Anita Thorne
34770 Shona Galbraith
34749 Samantha Jacobson
34679 Deborah Alexander
34677 Yvonne Gwyther
34669 Milly Shilton
34642 Martin Maunsell
34498 Emma O’Connell
34472 Maria James
34464 Ian Burn, Delta Community Support Trust