Local Green Spaces

Residents have plenty of opportunities to connect with & utilise the existing local green spaces, through Christchurch City Council parks/walking trails/fruit trees, school grounds, community gardens, birdsong trails, Dudley Creek/Esplanade Reserve & the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

Many residents are unaware of what is available in their ‘local backyard’, which is where the Christchurch City Council can help to inform & educate residents.
– Inform: through https://www.ccc.govt.nz/ (Environment, Rec & Sport, Parks & Gardens, Council tabs), https://smartview.ccc.govt.nz/ & Tree Planting Guide etc.
– Educate: through our local Christchurch City Libraries with the help of our local ‘information specialists’ librarians: learning spaces, guest speakers, park rangers, non fiction books, displays, landscape design, garden tours, seed libraries, plant swaps, ‘learning through action’ school programme etc.

This is one of the many reasons why a new ‘community hub’ (library/learning spaces/community centre) at the Shirley Community Reserve is important, to connect locals with the existing green spaces & facilities in their ‘local backyard’.

The Shirley Community Reserve is centrally located at 10 Shirley Road, Richmond, connecting the communities around: Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau.

The land at 10 Shirley Rd is classified as reserve, vested in the Council by the Crown to be held ‘in trust for local purpose (site for a community centre)’. It also appears the land could not simply sit ‘vacant’ with the reserve status unchanged, as that would also be inconsistent with the reserve purpose.

Since 1915 when the original Shirley Primary School was built, the 10 Shirley Road site has historically been a ‘place of learning’ as a ‘place for cultural, educational and recreational activities’.

Community Education: “Climate Change 101”
Climate change is a big picture issue. How can we break it down into achievable practical day to day tasks/changes to the way we live in Christchurch?

“What if We Built Our Communities Around Places?
Placemaking inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community.”
“Every place already has a story to tell — placemaking just brings that story forward.”

Landscape Ideas for the Shirley Community Reserve:
Natives Garden, Wellbeing Sensory Garden, Basketball Area & Playground

StoryWalk(R): Promoting literacy, reading, health, exercise, and movement in communities and neighbourhoods. Connecting books about trees/birds/climate change to local park trails.

Earlier this year the Christchurch City Council consulted on the ‘Ōtautahi Christchurch Urban Forest Plan’, which “provides a long-term vision and strategy to maximise the health and sustainability of the city’s urban trees and forests and the benefits we receive from them.”

My submission: #50581, Page 275-278: https://ccc.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Consultation/2023/02-February/Urban-Forest-Plan-submission-table-for-public-20230601.pdf

1. Christchurch City Council Parks
In Richmond, we have access to the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, Avebury Park, Richmond Village Green, Richmond Park, Petrie Park, Dudley Creek Esplanade Reserve & the Shirley Community Reserve.
– Parks: https://smartview.ccc.govt.nz/play/parks#/@172.65369,-43.50847,15
– Location Map: https://smartview.ccc.govt.nz/map/layers/parks#/@172.65369,-43.50847,15
– Accessible Parks: https://www.ccc.govt.nz/parks-and-gardens/accessible-parks
– Sports Parks:
MacFarlane Park (Shirley), https://goo.gl/maps/QhThPt1nuTxAm8UE7
Richmond Park (Richmond), https://goo.gl/maps/13AEMPazxMbRxmhg8
St Albans Park (St Albans), https://goo.gl/maps/98f3mpMW1tPiV1xR8
Westminster Park (Mairehau), https://goo.gl/maps/cc8c5m19k7KD393e8
Walter Park (Mairehau), https://goo.gl/maps/jVh8C8fEskeZKGXz7
– Basketball Courts:
Shirley Community Reserve, Richmond (Half Court), https://goo.gl/maps/912h2UUc99K2dRQG6
Avon Hub, Richmond (Full Indoor Court), https://goo.gl/maps/unZcBWFDRTsBNUFE9
MacFarlane Park, Shirley (Full Outdoor Court), https://goo.gl/maps/SF5CGR7i6fhZiBc47

2. Christchurch City Council Walking Trails
– There is a CCC Walking Trail that starts in the Shirley Shopping Centre, located at the corner of Hills & Shirley Road.
– Through the Dudley Creek Esplanade Reserve: 159 Slater Street, Richmond, path from Slater Street to Shirley Shopping Centre (corner of Hills & Shirley Road).
– Then follows the Dudley Creek through the back of the Shirley Community Reserve, along Julius Terrace, across a footbridge to Stapletons Road.
– The landscaping work that was done, as part of the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation, has created a picturesque ‘inviting and accessible waterway corridor’.
(See ‘Dudley Creek Flood Remediation’ https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/historic-landmark/ & https://riseuprichmond.nz/dudley-creek/)

3. Christchurch City Council Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees: https://smartview.ccc.govt.nz/play/trees#/@172.65369,-43.50847,15
Location Map: https://smartview.ccc.govt.nz/map/layers/trees#/@172.65369,-43.50847,15

4. School Grounds
“The Shirley Community Reserve is central to our 14 local education providers, all are within 3km of the 10 Shirley Road site.”
Collaborate with the Ministry of Education, to add trees to school fields as protection from weather & fruit trees for children/local community to eat.
“Enviroschools is an environmental action based programme where young people are empowered to design and lead sustainability projects in their schools, neighbourhoods and country.”

5. Community Gardens
– MacFarlane Park Community Garden, Shirley
– Dallington Community Garden
– Delta Community Garden, Richmond
– Richmond Community Garden
– Packe Street Park and Community Garden, Edgeware
– St Albans Community Garden

6. Birdsong Trails
– Dudley Creek Trail, Richmond (2018)
“Bring residents out into their local communities to appreciate the existing tree canopy while walking along Dudley Creek & finding information about local birds/sites/Dudley Creek Flood Remediation.”
– Richmond Wayfinding Signage Ideas (2020)
“‘Medium’ Ideas: Bird House & Bird Feeder on a post. Low cost project, great way to involve children & families. These could be painted so they are very visible & attract attention. Easy to identify the next stop on the trail.
This area is already home to many different birds, adding a bird house brings the birds down closer to the people using the trail & adding a bird feeder is an interactive way people can help increase the bird population.
Add info about each NZ bird species to a different bird house/feeder, link to the Department of Conservation website, info about each bird/sound recordings/habitat etc.”
The Green Lab Richmond Community Projects Joanna Gould, Page 1
– “Richmond Community Wayfinding is the first phase of a wayfinding route through Richmond and the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor. The project began in conversation in late 2019, and was designed and built with community members in 2020.”
“The route was determined by those with keen knowledge of local histories, and a later stage of creating QR codes linking to site information along the way is planned.”
– MacFarlane Park Trail, Shirley (2022)
“As part of a series of initiatives to increase pride in the park, the Birdsong Trails aim to create liveable spaces for the winged members of the Shirley community.
Several urban corridors run through MacFarlane Park connecting schools, housing and two community centres. Children and parents walk along these pathways on the way to school and to the community gardens every day. To make the walk more attractive, The [Shirley Community] Trust had the vision of planting the corridors with native trees and shrubs. This would thereby attract the birds and create opportunities for future education initiatives.
The long term goals of the Birdsong Trails include working with the schools to build bird houses and bird feeder stands, provide education about bird life and improve the ecosystems for native wildlife.
Already looking to extend the Birdsong Trail, the Trust is working with some experts from Lincoln University who could plant five varieties of harakeke. These will provide food for the birds and in time, could be used for teaching weaving and tikanga classes.”

7. Dudley Creek
– “Landscape and natural features: Dudley Creek is a defining feature and important open space for this Character Area. Extensive recent work along the banks of the waterways in Dudley have opened up spaces that contribute to the amenity and value of the area for the community and residents.”
Christchurch City Council Character Area Dudley Design Guide (2019)
https://ccc.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Consents-and-Licences/resource-consents/Forms/Character-Areas/Dudley-Design-Guide-2019.pdf, Page 2
– Dudley Creek Esplanade Reserve: 159 Slater Street, Richmond, path from Slater Street to Shirley Shopping Centre (corner of Hills & Shirley Road).
– “I’m always amazed when I find little pockets of Christchurch that are wee gems like this – I think unless we live or work in an area we never really get to know other parts of the city all that well.”

8. Dudley Character Area
“Vegetation and street amenity: Established vegetation including trees, shrubs, hedging and lawns within front and rear gardens are a feature of Dudley.
Mature street trees especially on Dudley Street and along the waterways contribute significantly to the Character Area by creating micro-climates, shade and an attractive appearance.”
“Generally an intact original subdivision with generous section sizes and a general spaciousness.”
“Balance of house and garden size: A feature of Dudley is the consistent balance between house and garden size…with modest house footprints, generous separation between houses and gardens that contain substantial vegetation.”
Christchurch City Council Character Area Dudley Design Guide (2019)
https://ccc.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Consents-and-Licences/resource-consents/Forms/Character-Areas/Dudley-Design-Guide-2019.pdf, Page 2 & 3

9. Dudley Street Trees
“Dudley Street Oak: The trees are Quercus x heterophylla, aka Bartrams oak, which are rare in both the Christchurch and NZ context. Arguably, they also constitute the single most significant feature in the Dudley Street Character Area.”

10. Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor