Shirley Community Reserve Temporary Pump Track

“We’re seeking your feedback on the plans for a modular pump track we want to install at Shirley Community Reserve.”
Open for feedback: 1st July 2019 – 29th July 2019
The updated plans for approval

“Consultation on the Shirley Community Reserve temporary pump track has now closed and we received submissions from 71 groups and individuals.”

All submissions received and staff responses

Do you support the plan?
– 26025, Ashley Crook, No, Do not have the pump track at 10 Shirley Rd. Page 1.
– 26054, Hayley Guglietta, No, The pump track should go where the little boy asked it to go [MacFarlane Park] and we should find a way to make that happen. Page 1.
– 26189, Kim Brown, No, Nowhere but if needs be Macfarlane park. I also think most kids from Emmett street area would not cross Shirley road to use it. Page 3.
– 26330, Samuel Jack, No, Once again Shirley/Richmond residents feel forgotten post earthquakes and building a track that will produce more noise and anti social behaviour is not the answer as a replacement for the Community Centre. Page 6.
– 26813, Don Gould, No, Neither of these projects are actually what the requesting community asked for. Page 13-15.
– 26819, Joanna Gould, No, I do not support the landscape plan or the proposed temporary “modular” pump track being purchased/installed on 10 Shirley Road. Page 16-19.
– 26828, Jacqueline Tither, No, I object to this proposal on the grounds that there has been no meaningful community involvement in the development of this plan. Page 20.
– 26918, Jennifer Dalziel, Neutral, would prefer a community centre. Page 20.
– 27623, Mark Wilson, No, No I don’t support the temporary pump track and ping pong table install. Page 21.

Community views and preferences – Key topics raised

This is not what the community asked for
“The original idea of the location being at McFarlane Park was not suitable, as it doesn’t have the set back needed for this type of facility, the closest residential property is 30 m away and it does not have the suitable setback.”

Request for a community centre
“A community centre is outside the scope of this project. This project aims to provide a temporary way to utilise the reserve while long-term options for the site are being considered.”

The track is too expensive
“The temporary pump track funding has been granted through the Council Capital Endowment Fund and the table is funded from the Community Board Discretionary Fund. The Capital Endowment Fund is interest generated from invested funds, so it’s not ratepayer funded.”

Safety concerns at the park with crossing the road
“There is an existing signalised pedestrian crossing facility on Shirley Road adjacent to the site.”, “Shirley Road Controlled Crossing”, Item 9. Shirley Community Reserve – temporary pump track location,-43.50818,16, Christchurch City Council SmartView | Road Crashes

Antisocial behaviour at the park
“We placed the pump track in the centre of the park to gain sufficient separation from neighbouring properties for noise. It also needs to be placed in a highly visual location. This ensures we meet CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) guidelines for good natural surveillance into the park to deter any antisocial behaviour.”

Locate the table at McFarlane Park or Mahars Playground
“This project is focussed on utilising this site now the Community Centre is no longer there. Putting the table/pump track at another location would mean Shirley Community Reserve still remains unutilised.”
– Children/Youth are at school during the day, only opportunity to use this ‘table/pump track’ is after school and the weekend.
– During the day the ‘Shirley Community Reserve still remains unutilised’, as there is nothing for adults.
– “There will be an obstacle course and an asphalt track around the outside of the [school] field for scootering. There will also be tunnels and two basket swings.”
Shirley Primary School Facebook Page, Landscaping Update Stage 2,