The Christchurch Districts of Windsor and Shirley

The Christchurch Districts of Windsor and Shirley
A short history and reminiscences 1860 – 1960
By Roger Allen

Chapter One: The Origin of the Names of Shirley and Windsor
Chapter Two: The Settlement and Development of the Shirley and Windsor Districts
Chapter Three: Pastoral and Mixed Farming
Chapter Four: Marketing Gardening and Poultry Farming
Chapter Five: Day to Day Living
Chapter Six: Wartime Restrictions
Chapter Seven: Social Activities
Chapter Eight: Institutions in Windsor and Shirley
Chapter Nine: Shopping in Shirley and Windsor
Chapter Ten: Early Houses in Cresswell Avenue, and Houses of Interest
Chapter Eleven: Small Industries
Chapter Twelve: People of Interest

Due to Copyright, I won’t be quoting from this book without the Author’s permission.
I have highlighted pages of interest below:

Page 6
The Welcome to Shirley Sign

Page 7
A sketch map of the Shirley/Windsor District 1880’s-late 1950’s *
* Interesting to see the Shirley boundary in this map includes part of areas we now call Richmond, Edgeware/St Albans Park & Mairehau.

Page 15
“Beyond the Pale” Shirley area

Page 16
Shirley aerial photograph (1946?) & Housing Development

Page 22
Māori Settlement

Page 31
Fattening Cattle

Page 33
Dairy Farming

Page 58
Air Raid Shelters *
* About three metres wide, in the old Shirley School grounds, south side of Shirley Road, 1941-43?

Page 96-97
Chancellor Street Housing, Ben Moore, “B.O. Moore and Sons” *
* Built/owned houses in the block bounded by Chancellor Street, Warden Street, Stapletons Road and Julius Terrace.
The Moore’s lived on the corner of Stapletons Road and Julius Terrace in a large two storied house. (see

Page 97-98
Old Dudley Creek and Dudley Creek

Page 98
Chancellor Street State Houses *
* (see ‘Chancellor Street Heritage Houses’ & ‘2. Social Housing Heritage’