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CCC Equity and Inclusion Policy
Shirley Centre Map *
Shirley Centre Positives
Shirley Centre Questions
Shirley Centre Funding
Why Are We Still Waiting?

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Shirley Centre Transport

New Blog Post: Location Location Location
Christchurch City Council & Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board, why are we still waiting?
– Why isn’t there already a suburban sized local library in the Innes/Central Ward?
– Why after reading all this info/research, are we not bringing funding forward to plan/build a new suburban sized local library at the Shirley Community Reserve, 10 Shirley Road, where the Innes/Central Ward boundaries connect?

My Written Submission .pdf for the CCC Long Term Plan 2024:

“Before the Canterbury earthquakes, the facility was Shirley Primary School (1916-1977) and Shirley Community Centre (1979-2011).
The facility was damaged in the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes and then demolished in 2012 after being classified as unsafe for use.
The building was home to a number of community organisations and programmes which enriched Shirley [& surrounding suburbs] and helped people to connect with each other.
After the earthquakes, many members from the Shirley [Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau] community raised concerns that not replacing community hub in the reserve would mean that social isolation and lack of community collaboration would become worse.”

“Why are we talking to you about this reserve again?
In 2021, the Council approved $3 million funding for the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre in FY 2029/30 – FY2031/32 and requested an updated ‘feasibility study’ to look at other options, including incorporating the current Shirley Library.”

2.2 Shirley Community Centre Rebuild
“The Council has allocated funding of $2.57 million to cover the capital costs of the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre. This project is in Tranche 1 of the Community Facilities Rebuild Programme.
Information from the Project Manager indicates a timeframe of around 18-24 months from approval of the concept design through to the opening of the new facility plus the time needed for the consultation process.
The site at 10 Shirley Road is 9042 square metres more or less and is owned by the Council and is held in trust for local purpose (site for a community centre).
The site is shown below in Figure 1 and is bordered by Shirley Road, Chancellor Street, Slater Street and Dudley Creek.
The local Playcentre holds a separate lease over the area shown within the red border of approximately 769m2.
A geotechnical report has been produced and has been circulated separately for members’ information. The report provides recommendations for the foundations of a new structure.
A list of all Council owned properties within a 1.5km radius of 10 Shirley Road will be produced to identify any suitable alternative sites to enable a decision on the site for the new Community Centre to be made in the new term.
10 Shirley Road has the advantage of a generous ground area and is designated specifically for the purpose of community facilities.”

On the 22nd February 2024, I wrote the below post on my “Shirley Centre 10 Shirley Road” Facebook Page

Shirley Centre: Identity | Well-being | Learning
Community Education & Support Services in Learning Libraries
“You Are Here”: a place to be, within our communities.
Connecting Communities around Shirley Road: Shirley, Dallington, Richmond, Edgeware, St Albans & Mairehau

Today marks the 13th Anniversary of the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquakes.
People lost their lives, homes, businesses, schools, community facilities…
The Shirley Community Centre was severely damaged & demolished in 2012.

This wasn’t just a ‘building’.
It was a Heritage Listed building, a historic landmark, that had been part of our communities identity, a place for learning, connecting the communities around Shirley Road, since it was built in 1915.

The land at 10 Shirley Rd is classified as reserve, vested in the Council by the Crown to be held ‘in trust for local purpose (site for a community centre)’.

Since 2018 I’ve been advocating for a new building to be built at 10 Shirley Road, Richmond, Christchurch.

In ‘The Press’ article today, “It’s a shiny new city – with a few bald spots”, “Mayor Phil Mauger says people revisiting say “wow look at how much you’ve done”, but for residents here every day, things don’t happen fast enough.”

How long do residents in the areas around Shirley Road have to wait? (2018) (2023)

When will Wikipedia be able to add a new Shirley Community Centre photo to the ‘Shirley, New Zealand’ page?,_New_Zealand

When will our communities identity not be associated with all that we have lost since the Christchurch earthquakes?

“The new community centre at 10 Shirley Rd is already in the LTP for 2031, however we can commence design and build earlier if that budget is made available from 2025…”
Deputy Mayor & Councillor for Innes Pauline Cotter
St Albans News, March 2024, Page 3