CCC Shirley Community Reserve Consultation

Below are some key points regarding the CCC Shirley Community Reserve Consultation (modular pump track and multi-purpose concrete table/seating, 10 Shirley Road, Richmond, former Shirley Community Centre site).
Children’s Petition:
– Thirty Shirley Primary School students signed/presented a petition to the Papanui-Innes Community Board to ask for a skate park in MacFarlane Park, Shirley. (August 2018)
– After the Board’s decision, the student who presented the petition was quoted in the local newspaper: “temporary [modular] pump track is not the option he wants”. (December 2018)
Council Report:
– “Project Brief: Tracks can be permanent or modular design. In this case a modular design is preferred allowing for future relocation.” (see ‘Funding’ Decision Matrix link below)
– Only a Modular track option was considered. A Permanent track option was not considered.
– “A location near Jebson Street beside the flying fox, toilets and Shirley Community Gardens was also considered, however, this has a separation of 25m between residents and the pump track. Further noise information would be required if this site was preferred over the site near Emmett Street.”
– “There is currently no funding available in the 2018 – 2028 Long Term Plan.”
– “There is a risk that if the Community Board decide to do nothing that the [Shirley] community will continue to demand this type of facility.”
– Council staff recommended a 2021 – 2031 Long Term Plan bid for funding.
– The Board “request that the Parks Team explore alternative funding to action the project within the financial year.”
– 2018/19 Capital Endowment Fund Application, Decision Matrix:
Proposed Location:
– Shirley Community Reserve, is at 10 Shirley Road, Richmond, the site of the former Shirley Community Centre.
– The reserve does not have toilets. The closest toilets are at Jebson Street,, by the flying fox at MacFarlane Park South Playground.
– The Council/Board/staff are currently discussing future plans for the 10 Shirley Road site.
– The “Richmond Community Needs Analysis” has been received by the Board.
– The “Community Facilities Network Plan” has been received by the Council Committee, and is currently in ‘Public Excluded Items’.
Noise Issues:
– The Environmental Health team have recommended that Council engage an independent noise engineer to test a modular pump track at Burwood and use readings to suggest a suitable distance [40m] between the proposed [modular] pump track and residents to ensure compliance with the District Plan.
– The Modular pump track cannot be located in MacFarlane Park, Shirley, due to the above noise issues, relating to the 11 modular track section joins.
Safety Issues:
– “Motorists running red lights on a signalised pedestrian crossing Shirley Rd [between Shirley Community Reserve and Shirley Primary School] have posed a major threat to pupils.”
– The Board have been aware of safety issues with the lights/crossing on Shirley Road since 2017, when I emailed my concerns/suggestions (which included delaying the pedestrian crossing signal change phase).
Proposed Track:
– $81,000 Quadragon Modular Pump Track (48m track, 20.7m long, 10.3m wide, track width approx 1.2m)
– $1,050 Noise test of existing pump track at the corner of Brooker Avenue and New Brighton Road, Burwood (to ensure pump track proposed at Shirley Community Reserve complies with the noise standards of the District Plan)
– $5,000 Development of concept plan for community engagement and project management fees
– $200 per annum required for two years (monthly cleaning, maintenance and inspection)
– The pump track is imported from overseas, so exchange rates may result in an increase in cost.
– The expected life span of the modular pump track is 10 years.
– $16,400 for site works [same cost to relocate track to the next site], which includes temporary fencing, excavating 50mm of top surface, installing timber edging and peg’s, supply of geo-textile and compacted GAP20 (fine gravel). This is for an area of 209m2.
Proposed Table:
– Cost: $5,000 for concrete multi-purpose table. Extra cost for concrete seating/benches.
– “A resident from the Richmond area spoke to the Community Board regarding concerns over the condition of the 10 Shirley Road site. The resident felt the site was overgrown and untidy and that there was a lack of seating in the area.”
– John Stringer and Mike Davidson (Innes Ward) requested that their vote against the decision [to purchase a concrete multipurpose table] be recorded.
– There has been much debate online and in the local papers questioning the cost and safety issues (concrete table near playground, wayward ping pong balls near a busy main road).
– A table tennis table needs approx 2 metres behind each end of the table, and 1 metre each side of the table, to be able to play table tennis.
– Since the debate, a wooden picnic table has been anonymously placed in the Shirley Community Reserve.
– The seating/picnic table that the resident original asked the Board for, has been kindly donated by someone in our community.
Shirley Residents:
– Shirley Primary School students asked for a skate park in MacFarlane Park. Shirley residents have been asking the Board since 2001, and they still have no local skate facilities, for local children unable to travel outside of their neighbourhood.
– If the proposed location is approved by the Board, Shirley children will be forced to cross a busy main road, Shirley Road, with known safety issues.
– ‘Shirley Needs Analysis (2001)’, recommended the development of skateboard facilities in MacFarlane Park.
– In response to requests from Shirley residents, a skate path is being planned for MacFarlane Park next to the flying fox on Jebson St. (2003)
– “Other parks were also considered but are outside of the community focus area and would not cater for local children unable to travel outside of their [Shirley] neighbourhood.” (2004)
– ‘Shirley MacFarlane Park Community Concept Plan (2005-2008), recommended the development of skateboard facilities in MacFarlane Park.
– “Shannon’s question was ‘Do you want a Scooter, Skate and Bike Park for Shirley? We want to ask the Christchurch City Council if we can put one in at MacFarlane Park.’” (2018)
– I contacted the design/construction business involved with the Gap Filler #detour pump track on Manchester Street. A ballpark figure for a permanent track/path around the flying fox in MacFarlane Park/Jebson Street: “for the $71,000 for the modular pump track you will get a pretty good asphalt pump track, potentially up to 140 square metres worth maybe even more depending on how complex of a design you are looking at”.
Richmond Residents:
– There are noise issues related to this modular pump track design, see ‘Noise Issues’ above.
– The proposed pump track/multi purpose table location, is very visible from Shirley Road, and could attract anti-social behaviour into this area, especially at night.
– This is not a permanent facility. This is a temporary facility, to activate the 10 Shirley Road site, and then it will be relocated to another suburb.
– If you look at the Landscape Plan (on the left hand side), at the back of the Shirley Community Reserve, there are already existing ‘permanent asphalt’ paths running along in front of Dudley Creek.
St Albans Residents:
– Staff have received requests from youth previously around extending the [St Albans] skate park, including a request from youth in 2014 and a request in March 2017 for an extension of the [St Albans] skate park to include building a skate bowl.
– A group of 16 children from St Albans School presented their design ideas for a planned extension to the St Albans skate park to Council staff members who were invited to attend a meeting at the school. (May 2019)
– Community suggestions will soon be sent to the skate park designer. We hope to hold public consultation on a draft plan [St Albans Skate Park Extension] by November [2019].
Papanui Ward Residents:
– Community leaders are pushing for more facilities for young people in the Christchurch suburb of Papanui. ‘Both Papanui and Redwood are missing a good outdoor youth recreational facility and potentially we may need to look at two facilities in the Papanui ward.’ (2017)
– Sites in the Papanui Ward have been identified for a skate park but it could be up to 12 years before anyone gets to use it.
– No money was available for the project in the council budget, but the community board planned to lobby to get money included in the council’s 10-year budget, the Long Term Plan, to be considered next year [2018].

For more background information/research links/timeline:

Here is the link to the “Have Your Say” CCC Shirley Community Reserve Consultation:
Here is the link to the landscape plan for the Shirley Community Reserve pump track and multi-use concrete table:
Q. Do you support the landscape plan for the Shirley Community Reserve pump track and multi-use concrete table?
A. Yes, No, Do you have any comments on the plan?
Q. Where would you prefer the multi-use table to be located?
A. Location A, Location B, Other location (please describe below), Comments – Please be as specific as possible

Open for feedback: 1st July 2019 – 29th July 2019