A Tale of Two Tracks

Q. What kind of track can be purchased for approx $90,000 as a community resource for the local children in Shirley & Northcote?
A. Temporary/Modular/48m/10yr life expectancy track (delayed, still in transit) to be installed in Richmond, not in MacFarlane Park/Shirley. Permanent/Asphalt/400m (already installed) for Northcote (also includes a fleet of bikes, helmets & bike storage facility). Two vastly different tracks & outcomes for the children, schools & communities in the Papanui-Innes Ward.

Today Northcote children are able to enjoy their permanent asphalt bike/scooter track around the perimeter of their school ($44,400 for approx 400m).
I recently saw photos of their track on Facebook & thought that track looks great, we could put a track like that around the perimeter of Shirley Primary School, so how do we get that resource for the children of Shirley? Through a bit of online research I was able to find out that thanks to the ‘Bikes in Schools’ initiative and funding from NZTA $40,000 & Papanui-Innes Board $8,000.

Meanwhile for over a year, I have been advocating for a permanent/asphalt track in MacFarlane Park. I emailed the Board two location suggestions based on living in Shirley for 8 years & walking through MacFarlane Park every weekday. I contacted the business involved in creating the #detour track in Manchester St for a price range & to understand the construction process.
During my online research, it was frustrating to find that the Shirley community has been waiting since 2001 (the CCC consultation report says the early 1990s) for a skate/scooter/bike park in MacFarlane Park (https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/papanui-innes-skate-facilities/).
Currently the temporary modular pump track ($87,450 for 48m track, life expectancy: 10 years) has been delayed coming from Europe, and is expected to arrive at the beginning of March, to be installed at 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve, in Richmond.

I do not understand why the Papanui-Innes Board didn’t suggest the ‘Bikes in Schools’ initiative to Shirley Primary School, when the petition was presented in August 2018, or at the meeting in May 2019 when the Board discussed my correspondence & Northcote School’s DRF application, or in September 2019 when I emailed the Board my new suggestion, before they approved the purchase of the temporary modular pump track?

Shirley Track: Background
– August 2018: Petition (“Do you want a scooter, skate and bike park for Shirley? We want to ask the Christchurch City Council if we can put one in MacFarlane Park.”) presented to the Papanui-Innes Board, signed by 29 students & 1 teacher from Shirley Primary School.
The Board “requests a report with options on the funding and installation of a pump track in Shirley.”
– December 2018: ‘Modular Pump Track Shirley’ Report presented to the Board, includes 3 options for location, but no options for the type of pump track to be installed.
Staff Recommendations: “Support a 2021–2031 Long Term Plan bid for a modular pump track at Shirley Community Reserve.”
Community Board Resolved: “2. Support a modular pump track at 10 Shirley Road (the Shirley Community Reserve) and request that the Parks Team explore alternative funding to action the project within the financial year. 4. That the Board engage with the local education facilities, residents and community groups to encourage involvement and fund raising.”
– December 2018: Nor’West News article “’Temporary pump track not good enough’: A Shirley Primary School pupil says the push to install a temporary pump track is not the option he wants.”
– February 2019: Emails to the Board, see Timeline (https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/proposed-pump-track-for-shirley/)
– March 2019: Email to Council opposing the 2018/19 Capital Endowment Fund Applications: Shirley Pump Track (https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/03/CNCL_20190328_AGN_3367_AT.htm#PDF3_Attachment_22966_2)
“I am concerned the Council are being asked to approve allocating ‘a grant of $87,850 from the 2018/19 Capital Endowment Fund’ on a facility that is: temporary not permanent, and located at 10 Shirley Road/Shirley Community Reserve not within MacFarlane Park, and not the type of track or location that Shannon & those that signed the petition asked for.”
Council Resolved: “Approve a grant of $87,850 from the 2018/19 Capital Endowment Fund to the Parks Unit for a modular pump track initially located at the Shirley Community Reserve.”
– May 2019: Board meeting, Item 7. Correspondence, Attachments: Joanna Gould re 10 Shirley Road, Modular Pump Track and Picnic Table (https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/05/PICB_20190510_AGN_3219_AT.htm#PDF3_Attachment_23322_1)

Northcote Track: Background
– May 2019: Board Meeting (at the same meeting where my correspondence was included in the agenda) Item 10. 2018-19 Discretionary Response Fund Application – Northcote School (Decision Matrix: https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/05/PICB_20190510_AGN_3219_AT.htm#PDF3_Attachment_23238_1)
“‘Bikes in Schools’ (https://bikeon.org.nz/bikes-in-schools/) package ($95,000) includes: a fleet of new bikes (four different sizes), a bike helmet for every child (140), a combination of riding, pump and bike skills tracks and a bike storage facility.
The cost to build a track approximately 400 meters in length is $44,400. Other Sources of Funding: $40,000 New Zealand Transport Agency.”
Staff Recommendations: “Approves a grant of $7,000 from its 2018-19 Discretionary Response Fund to Northcote School towards the ‘Bikes in Schools’ initiative.”
Community Board Resolved: “Approves a grant of $8,000 from its 2018-19 Discretionary Response Fund to Northcote School towards the ‘Bikes in Schools’ initiative.”

Northcote Track: Outcome
– May 2019: Nor’West News article, “On Track To Get Kids On Bikes” Pg 3 (https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/62674055/norwest-news-may-28-2019)
– May 2019: Neighbourhood Links – Northcote/Redwood Facebook Page: “This is a fantastic initiative which involves building a bike track around the perimeter of the school, providing bikes and helmets for students to use, and storage facilities for the bikes. The track will be a great asset for the community as a whole, as it will be available for use by the wider community out of school hours. I’m so supportive of anything that gets our kids out and about and active, and look forward to Northcote School raising the remainder of the funds so that this project can be completed.”
Emma Norrish – Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Member
– January 2020: “I took a quick detour on my ride home from a meeting this afternoon to do a lap of the brand new bike/scooter path at Northcote School. This is such a great asset for the school and our local community, which our Waipapa/ Papanui Innes Community Board was proud to help fund. The school has joined the national Bikes in Schools Programme, which provides access to well-maintained bikes and a safe environment for children to regularly practice their cycling skills whilst building their fitness and confidence.”
Emma Norrish – Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Member, Facebook Post

Shirley Track: Outcome
– July 2019: https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/ccc-shirley-community-reserve-consultation/
– July 2019: https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/ccc-shirley-community-reserve-feedback/
– August 2019: Shirley Community Reserve Temporary Pump Track – ‘Have Your Say’ Consultation, Submission table and staff responses (https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/09/PICB_20190913_AGN_3227_AT.htm#PDF3_Attachment_24065_6)
– September 2019: Email to the Board, Item 9. Shirley Community Reserve – temporary pump track location. “5. New Suggestion: The Board could engage with Shirley Primary School & their Board of Trustees, to work together with them to create a permanent bike/pump track in the Shirley Primary School grounds. This would address a number of the issues highlighted by the submitters in No 1. & 2. above, that can not be resolved at the Shirley Community Reserve, 10 Shirley Road site in Richmond. This could be a community lead project that connects the community through active participation involving: the School, Board of Trustees, pupils, community, NZTA?, Ministry of Education?, Bike On ‘Bikes in Schools’?, fundraising, working bees and sponsorship opportunities. This suggestion would create a much needed and long awaited local facility in the local Shirley community, providing easy and safe access for all the children of Shirley. The Board could also engage with Banks Avenue School & their Board of Trustees, to work together with them to create a permanent bike/pump track in the new Banks Avenue School grounds, on the former Shirley Boys High site in the Innes Ward.” (PapanuiInnesCommunityBoard130919Item9ShirleyCommunityReservePumpTrack.pdf)
– September 2019: Board Meeting, 9. ‘Shirley Community Reserve – temporary pump track location’ Report presented to the Board, on ‘Have Your Say’ consultation feedback (https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/09/PICB_20190913_AGN_3227_AT_WEB.htm)
“4.3 There has been demand for a skate, scooter and bike park in the Shirley area identified through various community research papers since the early 1990s.” [Site: 10 Shirley Road, Shirley Community Reserve is in Richmond not Shirley. Shirley children will have to cross Shirley Road on the controlled crossing/red light runners.]
Attachment F, Shirley Community Reserve temporary pump track, Community Views and Preferences (https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/09/PICB_20190913_ATT_3227_PLANS_WEB.htm)
“1.2 Not what the community asked for, Want a community centre, The track is too expensive, Safety concerns over having to cross a busy road.
1.3 A permanent skate park/pump track would cost three or four times more than a temporary pump track.
A temporary pump track is both quicker and cheaper to install and it could remain in place for up to 10 years [life expectancy] if that’s what the community want.
The temporary pump track funding has been granted through the Council Capital Endowment Fund…as the track is relocatable, it is considered to be good value for money.
1.8 Geographical distribution of responses: 71 total, 24 from Richmond, 14 from Shirley, 6 Other/walking distance, 27 from Greater Christchurch.
Richmond: 24 submitters, 17 support, 6 don’t support, 1 did not indicate
Shirley: 14 submitters, 13 support, 1 don’t support
Other: 6 submitters, 5 support, 1 did not indicate
Greater Christchurch: 27 submitters, 25 support, 2 don’t support”
Community Board Resolved: (original Staff Recommendation accepted without change)
– 19 October 2019: “Plans Approved: On Friday 13 September 2019, the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board approved the proposal to install a temporary pump track and multi-use table at Shirley Community Reserve. We are planning to have the pump track ready to use by the end January 2020. We also expect the multi-use table to be in place by this time.” (https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/252)
– 31 January 2020: “Update: Unfortunately, due to unexpected shipping delays the pump track should arrive in the country at the start of March. Early site works are expected to begin the last week of February and it should be ready for use by the end of March. The multi-use table is planned to go in at the same time.” (https://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-council/consultations-and-submissions/haveyoursay/show/252)
– 31 January 2020: “We had a briefing in our Community Board meeting this morning. In three weeks time the fences will be going up to start ground works at the site. The track is due to arrive in the country on the 2nd March, and staff have said they are aiming to have it operational by 17th March. The change in timeline is due to a slight delay with the procurement process, which led to the track being shipped after Christmas rather than before Christmas. It is coming from Europe as modular pump tracks like this are not available in our part of the world.”
Emma Norrish – Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Member, RADS Facebook Page