Board Minutes 17th June 2022

Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Minutes 17th June 2022

5. Deputations by Appointment Ngā Huinga Whakaritenga
5.4 Joanna Gould – Shirley Community Reserve
Joanna Gould spoke to the Board regarding the Shirley Community Reserve as a matter discussed in Item 13, the Community Board Area Report, with a related memo attached to that Report.
Ms Gould spoke to her attached supporting links, focusing on her case that Shirley Library should be relocated and upgraded to the Shirley Community Reserve (10 Shirley Road) site, among other needs and benefits for the community that could be fulfilled through the site.
After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Ms Gould for her presentation.
Joanna Gould’s Supporting Links:

11. Waipapa Papanui-Innes 2021-2022 Discretionary Response Fund Application – Activation of Shirley Community Reserve
That the Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board:
Approves a grant of $10,000 from its 2021-22 Discretionary Response Fund towards the Activation of Shirley Community Reserve project, with any unspent funds to be returned to the Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board’s Discretionary Response Fund.
Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board 17 June 2022 Matrix Shirley Community Reserve Activation:, Page 74
This project is about activating the Shirley Reserve with the local community. This project will collaborate with local community organisations to plan, implement, and ensure the provision of activities, events, and programmes in the park throughout the year. The project will work with the community to ensure these activities are sustainable and transferable as the park’s future is decided.
The project contributes to the well-being and prosperity of the local community.
The projects aims to have the following outcomes:
– Set up a community working group to plan and implement activations at the site.
– Build capacity of the working group in events and programme management.
– Participant Satisfaction Survey – 90% of the participants are satisfied with the events, programmes, and use of the site has increased.
– Feedback from participants and working group informs future activations at the site.

13. Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Area Report – June 2022
Board Comment
A Board member recorded the staff advice, provided subsequent to the memo regarding Shirley Community Reserve (attached to the Area Report) that, dependent on the outcomes of community engagement/feedback for the Reserve, the following is at this stage set aside for these financial years, FY26 $50k, FY27 $50k, FY28 $500k, FY29 $500k, within 61782 Programme – Community Parks
New Development (the advice further noting that: however, this will be reviewed in the next Long Term Plan as it was initially proposed for a major park facility such as a skate-park, but this will depend on decisions regarding the community centre).

14. Elected Members’ Information Exchange Te Whakawhiti Whakaaro o Te Kāhui Amorangi
14.3 Shirley Library Engineering Report
The Board requested a copy of the most recent engineering report for Shirley Library, and that staff include a summary of information relating to any potential repairs/rebuild requirements.