CCC 10 Shirley Road Engagement Feedback

“The Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board wants to hear your ideas and aspirations on the future use of 10 Shirley Road (former Shirley Community Centre site).”
Open for feedback: 18th September 2020 – 12th October 2020

“We have asked and talked to you about this before, and we acknowledge the work that has been done. We are asking again because we want to get this right, and we recognise the community landscape has changed considerably, especially over the last 2-3 years. Due to Council’s financial situation it is not expected in the short term that funding will be available, however the Board would like to see the site being used by the community. We want to find new ways of doing things that are innovative and look at alternative funding options and possible partnerships…Before the earthquakes there was a well-established community centre at 10 Shirley Road. Sadly, due to damage in the 2010/11 earthquakes the centre was demolished in 2012. There have already been several community conversations with feedback collated around a replacement facility. Over the last 10 years the Richmond and Shirley community has developed, with several locally managed community facilities emerging and some still emerging. We want to work alongside the community as we move into future planning for the good of the wider community.”

Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Agenda, 20 November 2020
8. Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board Area Report – October 2020
Attachments: B – Engagement feedback for 10 Shirley Road site, Page 23 – 28
Page 29 – 58: Written Submissions from residents/groups
Page 59 – 60: Richmond Residents and Business Association/We are Richmond
Page 61 – 63: Convenor, NZ Society of Genealogists – Canterbury Branch
Page 64 – 70: NZSG Canterbury Branch 50th Anniversary February 2018
Page 71 – 80: Joanna Gould, Shirley Centre 10 Shirley Road (my submission)
Page 81: Joanna Byrne, Amazing Mairehau
Page 82: Frida Inta
Page 83 – 85: Sue Lang, Shirley Recreational Walkers

“2.2 At the close of engagement we received 58 submissions, including from the following groups:
2.2.1 Amazing Mairehau
2.2.2 Delta Community Support Trust
2.2.3 NZ Society of Genealogists
2.2.4 Richmond Residents and Business Association
2.2.5 Shirley Recreational Walkers”

“To assist the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community in hearing ideas and aspirations from the community regarding the future use of 10 Shirley Road a questionnaire was delivered to approximately 800 properties within the vicinity of the site.”

“We received 29 submissions [out of 58 submissions] supporting the replacement of the Community Centre at this location. A number of these submissions also asked that a library be included in the building.”

Feedback Suggestions:

1. Community Gardens/Food Forest?
We already have two well established local community gardens: (by Jebson Street, public toilets & water available) (by Avebury House, public toilets & water available)
A food forest needs to be connected to community gardens/schools. Trees need to come with care instructions & promote when fruit is ready to eat. Who will be responsible to water/feed/prune/treat against diseases/harvest the fruit?
Christchurch City Council SmartView: Fruit Trees,-43.50847,16

2. Permanent Pump Track?
Shirley Primary School Facebook Page, Landscaping Update Stage 2 (across the road from the 10 Shirley Road site)
“There will be an obstacle course and an asphalt track around the outside of the [school] field for scootering. There will also be tunnels and two basket swings.”

3. Upgrade Playground, New Picnic Tables/Seating/Water Fountain/Public Toilets?
These suggestions can all be incorporated into a new landscape design, to complement a new centre being built at 10 Shirley Road.