Richmond Community Needs Analysis


“The Board and Governance Team see Richmond as a priority area, the research is to look at the strengths, needs and gaps of the area.
Once the research is completed the findings will be presented to the Community Board.
Scope of study: Aims and Objectives
The aim of the research is to develop a profile of the Richmond community and their needs in terms of current and future recreation, sports, arts and health and social service provision
Specifically, the research will fulfil the following objectives:
(a) Provide an accurate demographic profile of Richmond and identify future demographic trends of this community, drawing on 2018 Census data.
(b) Create a profile of existing recreation, sports and arts and social and health agencies in the community.
(c) Profile residents’ existing access to recreation, parks, sports, arts, health and social services and potential future demand for these services, focusing especially on the way residents are interfacing with Council assets and services: what is working well, and what would make this community better.
(d) Develop a document that will assist with future planning for Richmond, taking into account barriers to access, and future patterns of access fort different services.
(e) Gaps and issues in existing provision of services will be identified.
(f) Gather information that can inform future uses of the former Shirley Community Centre site.”
Email from Papanui-Innes Community Board, 2 November 2018.

“15. Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board Area Report – November 2018
5. Significant Community Issues, Events and Projects in the Board Area
5.4 Richmond Community Needs Analysis Survey
A contract has been let to independent social researcher, Sarah Wylie, to undertake a Community Needs Analysis for Richmond.
The research will:
– Provide a demographic profile of Richmond using 2018 Census data when it is available
– Profile existing recreation, sports, arts, social service and health agencies in the community and predict future demand, including any barriers to access, gaps in services and how residents are interfacing with Council assets and services
– Gather information to inform decisions on the future use of the Shirley Community Centre site.”
– Link: 14 November 2018