Board Update 17th June 2022

Today I updated the Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board with my research, after Councillor Pauline Cotter invited me during my verbal presentation to Council, for the Draft Annual Plan.

Since 2018 I have been advocating for a new building to be built at 10 Shirley Road/Shirley Community Reserve:
Every year I have done extensive research to support my submissions to the Christchurch City Council’s Annual/Long Term Plan.
When the Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board has a consultation “open for feedback” for residents to make a submission, I have provided research based ideas & comments in my submission.
I have also tried repeatedly over the years, to engage with the Board (elected members & staff) via email, asking to have a discussion/meeting regarding 10 Shirley Road/Shirley Community Reserve.
Public Forum (anyone, 5 minutes including questions), Deputation (approved by Chair, 10 minutes including questions) & verbal submissions on the Council’s Annual/Long Term Plan (resident, 3-5 minutes including questions) are not an opportunity for a proper discussion.

Below is the email trail outlining the events/effort required just so I could speak to the Board, after being invited by my Innes Ward councillor, Pauline Cotter.

From: Norrish, Emma
Sent: Wednesday, 11 May 2022
To: Joanna Gould; Cotter, Pauline
Subject: RE: 10 Shirley Road
Kia ora Joanna,
Thanks for the email, and well done on the presentation of your annual plan submission to Council (I was watching it online).
Regarding Pauline’s question about whether the Board has received this information, I know you have sent out numerous emails to us.
I have read them, and I would hope that other Board members have too.
We would be happy to have you present at one of our public forums, which are held at the start of our board meetings.
Our next one is next Wednesday 18th May at 9.30am.

From: Joanna Gould
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
To: Cotter, Pauline; Norrish, Emma
Subject: Re: 10 Shirley Road
Thanks Emma, much appreciated!
I would be happy to present at your public forum.
Can you let me know when the next Board meeting is that I can do this in person? Thanks

From: Norrish, Emma
Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2022
To: Joanna Gould; Cotter, Pauline
Subject: RE: 10 Shirley Road
Morning Joanna,
We are hoping to be back in person for our June meeting, which will be on Friday 17th June at 9.30am.

From: Cotter, Pauline
Sent: Monday, 16 May 2022
To: Joanna Gould
Subject: RE: 10 Shirley Road
Hi Joanna,
Thanks for this lovely email with the added personally history of your very strong connections to Shirley and particularly the old Centre.
I am so pleased you are coming to the Board to speak to us about this, and very much look forward to seeing you there on the 17th June.

From: Joanna Gould
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2022
To: Pavey, Emma
Subject: Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Meeting, Friday 17 June 2022
Hi Emma
Sorry for the late notice (I’m playing catch up after getting back from Wellington), I would like to speak briefly to the Board at the meeting tomorrow, during Public Forum.
After my verbal submission at Council for the Draft Annual Plan, Pauline invited me to come & speak to the Board, to update them re 10 Shirley Road/Shirley Community Reserve.
Could you please forward this email to the Community Board members for the meeting tomorrow.
Let me know if you have any questions.

From: Saunders, Mark
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2022
To: Joanna Gould
Cc: Pavey, Emma
Subject: Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Meeting, Friday 17 June 2022
Kia ora Joanna,
Thank you for your interest in presenting to the Board.
We’ve conferred with the Chair, and noting the restriction in Standing Orders on presentations being received that are subject to a hearing process such as the Annual Plan is currently going through, it has been considered that it would not be appropriate for your presentation to come just at this time, but it’d be great if you could come back to us with the request after the Annual Plan process has been completed given it is in the middle of that hearing process that you’ve submitted to in this respect, thank you.

Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Meeting, Friday 17 June 2022
– Agenda:

As I was no longer able to speak as part of the Public Forum, I went along to listen to the Board meeting.
When I arrived, Chair Emma Norrish said I was able to speak as a Deputation in regards to the Board’s Area Report/Memo re Shirley Community Reserve.

– 13. Waipapa Papanui-Innes Community Board Area Report – June 2022
Memo from Kelly Hansen, Manager Parks Planning and Asset Management
Shirley Community Reserve
“4.3 A feasibility study is currently underway to estimate the construction costs for four potential options for a new community facility.
1. Mixed use hub incorporating a library, service centre, and community operated community space,
2. Community operated large community facilities building,
3. Community operated small community facilities building,
4. Outdoor options similar to Dallington landing.”

– YouTube:
My deputation from 29:15 to 42:00

5. Deputations by Appointment Ngā Huinga Whakaritenga (Minutes)
5.4 Joanna Gould – Shirley Community Reserve
Joanna Gould spoke to the Board regarding the Shirley Community Reserve as a matter discussed in Item 13, the Community Board Area Report, with a related memo attached to that Report.
Ms Gould spoke to her attached supporting links, focusing on her case that Shirley Library should be relocated and upgraded to the Shirley Community Reserve (10 Shirley Road) site, among other needs and benefits for the community that could be fulfilled through the site.
After questions from members, the Chairperson thanked Ms Gould for her presentation.
Attachments A Joanna Gould’s Supporting Links (Page 6-7)

Below is my email to the Board members:
Here are the links to my research that I will briefly cover during my Public Forum presentation:

1. “CCC Draft Annual Plan 2022-2023 Submission” Website Post
Page 7: Learning Libraries Concept
Page 8: Shirley Centre Concept
Page 9: Instore Demonstration Concept

2. “Shirley Centre Concept 2021” Website Post
– ‘Shirley Centre Concept 2021’ Post (Overivew of .pdf):
– PDF:

3. “Shirley Centre 10 Shirley Road” Facebook Page & Group
– Page: (updated daily with research/ideas/organisations/shared posts)
– Community Group: (updated daily with community notices/shared posts for the residents in our communities)

4. “South Library Report” Website Post

After making my deputation at Council regarding the South Library Report, I emailed Pauline the follow up questions:

4.1. “From a potential disaster/civil defence point of view, a standalone civic building at 10 Shirley Road, opposite our largest school (Shirley Primary) would also provide a central emergency location (with solar panels & rainwater harvesting system), away from The Palms (which closed for over six months due to earthquake repairs).”
– Fences and containers at Shirley Library,
– “Building Community Resilience: Learning from the Canterbury earthquakes”, Appendix 2: Shirley Case Study Report, Page 73-85,

4.1 Question: Could the Council set up a new building at 10 Shirley Road that is able to be transformed into an “Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)” when needed?

4.2. “5.6 It is not envisaged that further significant central government funding will be forthcoming and certainly not Capital funding to contribute to a major repair or rebuild.
Note, Council did receive operational funding from the Ministry of Education when South Library was opened for a few years to support targeted learning initiatives in partnership with the schools in the local area.
This funding did not contribute to the running costs or improvements to the facility itself.”
Page 39,

4.2 Question: Could the Council approach the Ministry of Education for capital funding and/or “targeted learning initiatives” funding for the 10 Shirley Road building?
When I attended the Shirley Village Project focus group meetings, a Shirley Library staff member had been asked by Shirley Intermediate to help students with their literacy.
The 10 Shirley Road site is central to Mairehau High School, Shirley Primary School, Shirley Intermediate & the new Banks Avenue School, Richmond/Shirley/MacFarlane Park Kindergartens, plus Shirley Playcentre on the same site.

4.3. Shirley Centre Concept 2021:
– 5.1 Shirley Centre | Original Building: Shirley Primary School
“The Shirley Primary School was erected in 1915 to the design of George Penlington, the Education Board Architect in Canterbury.”
– Page 5, 5.2 Shirley Centre | Original Building: George Penlington (CEB Architect for Shirley Primary & Richmond Schools)
“Cantabrians have long been proud of the region’s education heritage, but they have extra reason to pay respect to the city’s remaining historic educational treasures. Some of the city’s foremost and celebrated colonial architects designed these institutional buildings:..George Penlington.”
[this link above no longer works, here is a new link:]
– Page 10, 10.1 Shirley Centre | Design Inspiration: George Penlington
“George Penlington (1865-1932), chief architect of the Canterbury Education Board, designed the building to meet New Zealand’s first school building code, which addressed post-First World War concerns about national health and hygiene by mandating standards for natural light and ventilation.”

4.3 Question: Could the Council & the Ministry of Education work together (funding & heritage information) to honour George Penlington’s legacy & the impact he had on our school buildings throughout Christchurch, by designing a building that reflects some of his design features & include his drawings/plans/photos within a new building?